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Warning...this thread has images of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who is now dead.
Published on June 3, 2013 By Jafo In Life, the Universe and Everything

He was an inspiration to many....and will be missed.

on Jun 03, 2013

I'd never heard of him, but may he rest in peace...or transmigrate to a better place or a wonderful Dreamtime. Whatever he believed (apparently different clans have differing beliefs). Fine singer....

on Jun 03, 2013

RIP to an evolved soul

on Jun 13, 2013

Like the song, both lyrically and musically. Don't know anything about the man.  Will Google.


(JAFO, why the 'warning' at the top of the post?)

on Jun 13, 2013

Very interesting man. He was trying to achieve remarkable goals. Sad that he didn't live to see those goals come to fruition.

Enjoyed the band as well.


The newscaster gave the same warning, so I believe I get why it's there.