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Published on June 9, 2017 By Jafo In WinCustomize News

Now....let's see if I got this right....[it's been a little while].

Long ago, in a Galaxy far, far away [March, 2001], was created.

Slowly, evolving out of the Primordial Swamp there came Users.

With the relentless March of Time there were Promotions.

This is but the latest of them.

Congratulations, one and all....



Robert_Snyder -  



WinMonster2 -  



AzDude -  

Starkers -  

Sephirotess -  



don5318 -   

gmc2 -  

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on Jun 14, 2017

Well done!  

on Jun 14, 2017

Well fancy that!  Me getting a promotion.  I have no idea as to what I may have done to deserve such an honour, but many thanks to those who bestowed it upon me.

Now all I need is 'Completely' as my honorific and I'd be as happy as a pig in muck.  

on Jun 15, 2017


on Jun 15, 2017

BIG congrats to Ya-All!!

on Jun 24, 2017

Thanks a lot for the promotion  .  I guess my work is appreciated. Thanks again   .

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