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Having been an Official for MotoGP for 23 years someone decided I'd be suitable fodder to drive in the Riders' Parade last Sunday before the GrandPrix at Phillip Island [Australia].... this is the one I drove... BMW M235i ...about 320hp 8 speed in-line 6 turbo ...bit 'wasted' when we were putting around at 50kph [30mph].

Fortunately it didn't rain during the parade so the roof was down [as it SHOULD be on a convertible] ...


What do you do in that time no-one pays you for?

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on Oct 24, 2017


I love my Chevrolet Volt! They are saying it may be discontinued in 2020 though because no one cares enough about this planet to buy it. Everyone is buying stupid big SUV's and gas guzzlers/atmosphere polluters

You might want to rethink that solution.  Electricity doesn't come out of the ground.  Someone has to generate it.  Unless you are also pushing nuke power that means that someone is burning the deadly fossil fuels to make your nice clean electricity.  I understand that the average electric car has a larger global carbon footprint that the average gasoline vehicle. 

Now, China has special problems with local pollution, and electric cars move the emissions outside the city. 

Out of sight, out of mind.


on Oct 25, 2017

I also ride when I can.  Here's the sale pic for my current road bike.  I've been off it for a couple years due to health issues, but I'm working on being able to ride again soon.

Raleigh Professional

I also restore bikes.  Is there some way to upload pics here?  I don't use the death-dealing hosting sites if I can help it.


on Oct 25, 2017

Very cool Paul, bout time they rewarded your years of volunteering.

I'm retired as well. Work on windowblinds daily but need to have netflix playing half screen to take up the slack time.

My wife (sweet woman that she is) works from home so I'm the house daddy, cleaning, cooking, yard work, etc.

I try to spend time with me 16 yer old son but he's usually on the computer. He has his learner's permit and we make time for him to spend time on the road. I enjoy doing this and he's, so far, a responsible driver. He has all of his hours in, just waiting for his year to be over to move to the next level.


on Oct 25, 2017


Oh, and did I mention that I build and sell computers?  Well, I build and TRY to


on Oct 25, 2017

Even better, you're in NE Tennessee.  An amazing part of the country.  Time to go white watering the Ocoee!   Or even better, it's about that time of year to run the New River.   I think early November is when they open the dams up. 

on Oct 25, 2017

 I belong to a pistol club and I reload my own ammunition.

on Oct 25, 2017

I enjoy getting out on the water and fishing when I have time. I also do some hobby visual design work when the mood strikes me. Other than that it's usually playing one of the many games sitting in my Steam library collecting dust.