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Published on January 2, 2012 By Jafo In Everything Else

Stardock is more than 'just' Gaming, or for that matter 'just' GUI skinning.

Stardock's sites [Interests/Community] are about BOTH.

Connectivity between Stardock's Communities is fundamental to the success/continuity of their Sites/Forums.

"Everything Else" is just one of the Forum Intersections - and it's for, as it's title suggests - Everything Else.

For those who prefer NOT to partake with such 'off-topic' subjects their ONLY potential for intrusion is in the 'Recent Posts' option of the Forums.

Each and ALL site-specific sections are accessible directly and thus with Zero distraction from 'outside' communications.


Those who use the 'Recent Posts' option are REQUIRED to accept they will be including ALL 'recent posts' from ALL connected sections as that is THEIR SPECIFIC INTENTION.  In particular, Site Administrators use this function to police issues eg. Spam [and we get to then see 'Recent Posts' also include those which are deleted as  spam ] as it's a one-stop collection shop of RECENT ACTIVITY.  

This is NOT going to change any time soon.

Those of you who feel incensed about a feature of one small component of a site's Forums seriously needs to re-evaluate your priorities.


on Jan 03, 2012

While the above is true, I have proposed a possible solution to make the short form recent posts lists more usable as I too believe the forum games are making them pretty much pointless as they fill up the lists with the same content every day.

For those who wish to see replies to their own threads there is the My Replies link ( which lists all your posts sorted by the most recent reply to them.