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Published on December 14, 2014 By Jafo In Personal Computing

Always seem to get sidetracked when I'm wandering around YouTube....

Kinda liked this one, though...

on Dec 15, 2014

on Dec 15, 2014


Popcorn? Did someone say popcorn?!


Waiting for Apple to sue to get the video removed. They invented that, too.

on Dec 15, 2014

Hehe, that was fechen great... fantastic, even. Kudos to the presenters for an informative AND funny segment....

Oh how I love it when people in the know have the wherewithal and information to discredit Apple and show it up to be the lying, conniving cheating bunch of tech wannabes they really are, taking other developers tech, mixing it all together and calling it their own.  What was that the commenter called Apple, "recipe makers"?

Now all we need is for patent courts/judges worldwide to throw Apples litigations out of court and into the streets were they belong... let's see how Apple fares against true corporate brawlers, without the wall of lawyers to hide behind.  Yup, give Apple a real bruising.