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Published on April 19, 2022 By Jafo In Everything Else

Looks like I'm isolating for a week.

Better part of half a million people at the Grand Prix last week...[they claimed it was a world record - seems they forgot about Adelaide in 1995 ....when it WAS a World Record]....

Bloody good odds I'd get Covid ....

...and I did...

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on Apr 19, 2022

Well that's the pits.  How are you feeling?

on Apr 19, 2022


Well that's the pits. 

Excellent pun, DaveRI.   


Take care of yourself and Terry!  

See what happens when you sneak off, desert your mates and shirk your duties?

I'll fax you some chicken soup. 



on Apr 19, 2022

get well, Paul!

on Apr 19, 2022

Take care, Paul. 

on Apr 19, 2022

Get well soon Paul.

on Apr 19, 2022

Take care get well soon

on Apr 19, 2022

Rats is right. Sorry to hear, get well soon! 

on Apr 19, 2022

Terry's got it now [it's only fair]...

We'd survived so long free of it, too.

As they say....all good things come to he who waits......

on Apr 20, 2022

I reckon I'm heading out the other side of it...cough is now breaking [a bit]...

Terry's the worst tho at the moment...can hardly speak from the sore throat.

I'm probably [more] deaf from the Grand Prix ...and she can't speak loud it's "entertaining"...

on Apr 20, 2022

Yall get well soon, mate.  I found covid to be not as bad as bronchitis.  Maybe I was lucky.


on Apr 20, 2022

Hopefully the Covid passes real soon and that you and Terry have no lasting ill-affects, as some have/do.

I've dodged it thus far, but then I don't get out alot to catch it... and when I have to go out I wear a mask as a precaution.... though research shows that masks are not 100% to prevent catching it.

on Apr 21, 2022

Hopefully, yours will be as mild as mine was.  And Terry's, too.  Appears it's only a matter of time until most/all of us acquire it.  Pretty sure I got mine while faithfully N95 masking at a concert (1st in 2 years).

on Apr 21, 2022

Hoping all goes well, and you both exit quickly from this infection.

Thank you science for the novel vaccines which have mitigated the lethality and severity of the original virus and its variants.

My biggest concern is that with each successive variant, the efficacy of the original vaccines decreases. On the other hand, the oral antiviral treatment may help take up the slack for those infected.

on Apr 21, 2022

Mine's mild...had worse flu.  Terry's is the most ill I've seen her in 42 years.  Can hardly swallow...or speak above a whisper.

on Apr 22, 2022

Mine's mild...had worse flu. Terry's is the most ill I've seen her in 42 years. Can hardly swallow...or speak above a whisper.

I've heard that some [luckier] people hardly suffer the ill-affects of Covid, and of [the not so lucky] others who cop it quite badly and suffer the full gamut of symptoms.  Hopefully for Terry it passes quickly and she doesn't have the long-lasting affects that some people do.  My sister's next door neighbour still has symptoms going on 5 - 6 months after first contracting it and is unable to return to work.  However he had underlying health issues before Covid and that's probably why it hit him harder and for longer.

I too have underlying health issues that could impact the severity of Covid if I were to contract it, so I take every precaution I can to avoid getting it.  I'm also eligible for a second booster shot in June so will get that ASAP to increase my chances of not getting it.

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